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Gluten-free Recipe: Paddy’s Potato Side Dish

This is such a simple and easy side dish to make, to enjoy along with either a variety of vegetarian dishes; with a chicken or beef dish; or even just enjoyed on its own. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Paddy’s Potato Side Dish   Serves: 2 By: gfchopstix Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20-25 minutes…… Continue reading Gluten-free Recipe: Paddy’s Potato Side Dish

2017 · Good Food · Vegetables · vegetarian

Recipe: Baked Cauliflower

As you will see from the recipe archives, I do enjoy roasting and baking vegetables – something about that slow process gives the vegetables a lovely texture, flavour and taste. After hearing about whole baked cauliflower, I finally decided to give it a go!  This is a long cooking process, but so worth the wait!…… Continue reading Recipe: Baked Cauliflower

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Gluten-free Healthy Fried Okra

I find with okra, that one either loves it or detests it – if that is possible for a vegetable! So how do you feel about okra? Do you have a favourite recipe? This is my variation of deep-fried okra, which I’ve adapted to be a healthier, gluten-free version. Gluten-free Fried Okra (gluten-free, egg free,…… Continue reading Gluten-free Healthy Fried Okra