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Gluten-free Coconut Milk Marinade

Pour this deliciously creamy marinade over – chicken, beef or fish and leave to stand for a few hours to overnight, for a very tender and tasty meal.   Gluten-free Coconut Milk Marinade Servings: 1 By: gfchopstix Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: none Allergens: coconut   Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of mixed dried herbs 1/4…… Continue reading Gluten-free Coconut Milk Marinade


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Chinese Dong Gua Cooling Summer Soup

It’s sizzling out there! Highs of 40C in the shade, and no relief from this merciless heat! Other than surviving solely on ice-creams, how else does one cool down? Salads and fruit – especially watermelon, are abundant, and great meals in this extreme summer heat. Another way to cool down, from the inside, is to…… Continue reading Chinese Dong Gua Cooling Summer Soup

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Creamy RAW Coconut Pies

The dog days of summer …. no energy; too hot; in need of cool food and inspiration? These creamy, cool and raw (that’s right – no cooking!!!) coconut creme pies are precisely what you need. Now! Three pies. Three flavours. Play around with the recipe and create your own favourites – raspberries, strawberries, chocolate, coffee…… Continue reading Creamy RAW Coconut Pies

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New Recipe: Gluten-free & Dairy free Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Looking for lighter, yet still tasty meals? This delicious creamy mushroom pasta recipe is quick and easy; doesn’t require an oven, and takes very little time in the kitchen. Servings: 2 By: gfchopstix Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: roughly 30 minutes Gluten-free & Dairy free Creamy Mushroom Pasta   Ingredients: A punnet of button…… Continue reading New Recipe: Gluten-free & Dairy free Creamy Mushroom Pasta