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What’s in store for you on gfchopstix this month? Take a look!

December is usually a very busy month. End of the school year (for some), vacation time, Christmas preparations, spending time with family, celebrating the season, shopping, cooking, baking, and then eating! There will be plenty of delicious gluten free, egg free, tasty, and healthy recipes for you to try (and share) on my blog this month.


sweetcornfritters xmas

Starting off, today I posted the first of six new recipes for vegetable dishes (from the organic vegies box I received from Whatscookin). Yes, they are vegetarian, but the meat lovers can also enjoy them as side dishes! They are quick and easy, tasty, healthy and of course, gluten free!

There will also be my new feature which starts this month, ‘What’s baking in my oven?’ to look forward to.

Naturally, there will be recipes for the Christmas season, so remember to check back!


I have also included my Cozy Christmas Recipes book as a FREE download. Click the image on my main page, and it will take you to the link. Let me know what you think of it.







What is your favourite Christmas treat?  Leave a reply below:


2 thoughts on “What’s in store for you on gfchopstix this month? Take a look!

  1. Since you commented on my About page, I thought I’d return the favor. But I can’t find one, so I’ll just ask my question here. (btw, thank you for your nice comment on my page.)

    Here goes: I HATE VEGETABLES. Drives my wife crazy, but I truly HATE ’em. I do realize that I need to eat healthier, but other than salads with proteins, I’m an unhappy camper. My question to you – is there any way to make vegetables palatable? And I don’t mean in a perky, chirpy vegan way. I mean palatable to a meat-and-potatoes palate?

    Your page does look well-designed, btw.


    1. Hello, thanks so much! No wonder you couldn’t find my ‘About’ page – since I changed to the Christmas theme, it mysteriously disappeared! I have reinstated it 🙂

      I haven’t always liked vegetables. Well, not all vegetables. I find that it depends on how a vegetable is cooked, as to whether or not I like it. That’s why I prefer my own cooking! hahaha!

      Anyway, to answer your question. I personally think that if you really do not like a certain food, you probably won’t no matter how it is prepared or cooked. However, what you could try – if there is a particular vegie that you do like, try cooking others in a similar manner. For example, I love roast potatoes, but I’m not fond of boiled potatoes – they are just too bland. In winter I use my oven a lot. I roast most vegetables, and also, the seasoning makes a big difference. I try different herbs, spices, and even oils (mostly use olive oil), like sesame oil, or infused oils (garlic, lavender, chili).

      Play around with vegetables that you do like, and be adventurous 🙂

      Also, add beef stock, or chicken stock for that meaty flavour – perhaps this will be more palatable?

      Thanks so much for looking around.

      I hope that this will help your wife to get you to eat more vegies!


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