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This is what makes us girls, right?

We all have our insecurities. Something about our bodies that we wish we could change. It may be a private battle, or a public one, but when it comes to the media, it affects us all. Victoria Secret does design beautiful under garments. Sadly, they have decided what the ‘perfect’ body should be. Should that be allowed?

New Day

I have noticed something.

I have noticed the fight.

the fight between women and expectation

women and desire

women and their reflection.

I have noticed,

I have learned

what makes us girls.

and it disgusts me.

chiseled stomachs and lingerie,

verbal excuses for indulgence,

flushed down the toilet.

an inherited tick in the neck

as if our right ear had a magnet to glass,

a window, or a puddle of rain.

and they say we have made leaps and bounds?

tell me then, why is this behavior still passed through chromosomes?

girls busy in the bathroom, tending to their faces and hair

instead of sitting behind the desk, learning.

why shouldn’t they be when sex sells?

this is what they are taught will make them women, right?

sex sells–everywhere, a pretty face

and push-up bras matter more than

the diploma in her hand.

Did you know

women make up 51…

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