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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Cloud your imagination?

I love Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges! Her themes are varied, and as the title suggests – Fun!  I also love to view what other photographers submit to her site. We all have our own personal take on a theme.

For this week, the theme is ‘Clouds’.  Do you ever look up at the sky? Do you ever lie on the grass (or in a deckchair with your favourite beverage), and dreamily look up at the clouds – imagining what the shapes are, or trying to find a picture?

Whenever I get the opportunity, I do just that. I’m sure that when passerby’s see me, they must be curious, then look up, and be puzzled by my behaviour.  I really don’t care! I love to look up at the sky – that is, when it’s not a dull, grey, gloomy sky – although, that can also be beautiful.   Sometimes the skies are grey, and overcast; or there is not a single cloud in the sky – it is just an amazing shade of blue!

I did not have a problem finding photos for this challenge, but rather, had great difficulty  in narrowing it down.  I cannot believe how many gorgeous photos I have of clouds, and in particular, the sky.

Here are just a few some of my favourites, for this week’s theme:

Click on each image to enlarge. Which is your favourite?

To see what  others contributed, click here:

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