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Salmon with Kiwi Salsa

In case I hadn’t mentioned it yet –   spring is  in the air!  With the weather warming up, meals are starting to move away from heavy stews, curries and soups, and onto lighter dishes. Salmon is a healthy fish, which is good any time of the year, and can be cooked or served raw, depending on your preference.

I had two very ripe kiwi’s (the fruit, not the people), that needed eating, and rather than make a smoothie, or muffins, I made Kiwi Salsa – you can get the recipe here

I used the Kiwi Salsa to add a delicious flavour to two different meals.

The first dish I made, to enjoy with the Kiwi Salsa, was salmon. I was considering frying the salsa with the salmon, and then decided to rather serve it as a topping. Salmon does tend to dry out rather quickly, and if you prefer saucier dishes, then this fruity topping adds that extra moistness to plain fried fish!

Salmon with Kiwi Salsa

(gluten-free, egg free, soy free, corn free, nut free, dairy free, pescetarian)


Servings: 1-2

By: gfchopstix

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10-20 minutes

The Kiwi Salsa can be kept refrigerated for about two days.

Salmon fillet, topped with Kiwi Salsa, served on a bed of rice
Salmon fillet, topped with Kiwi Salsa, served on a bed of rice


  • 150g of Salmon
  • Salt and ground pepper, according to your preference
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of Olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of spice (your preference)
  • Kiwi Salsa

For the Kiwi topping:

See my Kiwi Salsa recipe above


  1. Lightly season the salmon with salt and pepper
  2. Pour the olive oil into a pan (not necessary if using a non-stick pan)
  3. Heat the pan, and fry the salmon on medium heat until cooked through
  4. Remove from the pan and place onto a serving dish
  5. Spoon the kiwi on top and serve immediately


Depending on how many people you are cooking for, adjust the number of salmon fillets accordingly.


When the salmon is almost ready to remove from the pan, squeeze fresh lemon juice over.

6free salmon

Such a healthy, tasty dish, which isn’t too difficult to make, and doesn’t require much cooking.


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