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Gluten-free Slow Cooker Mutton Stew

Hmmm… comfort food! Winter is a great season to throw a pot of meat and vegetables together and let the cooking process work its magic on releasing those wonderful flavours. Whilst visiting a close friend recently, I was introduced to her slow cooker. I’d read so many recipes for them, and heard how fantastic they…… Continue reading Gluten-free Slow Cooker Mutton Stew

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Gluten-free Roast Lamb Fried Rice

Yes, I do realise that it is the beginning of a new year. I also realise that many people are on the latest diet, or doing a cleanse, or trying to lose weight. So … when you see ‘lamb’ is the main ingredient of my newest recipe, you’re probably thinking ‘What?!? Lamb? Fried? Doesn’t she…… Continue reading Gluten-free Roast Lamb Fried Rice