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Chinese Dong Gua Cooling Summer Soup

It’s sizzling out there! Highs of 40C in the shade, and no relief from this merciless heat! Other than surviving solely on ice-creams, how else does one cool down? Salads and fruit – especially watermelon, are abundant, and great meals in this extreme summer heat. Another way to cool down, from the inside, is to…… Continue reading Chinese Dong Gua Cooling Summer Soup

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Celtuce&Mushrooms Asian style

This is a quick & easy, 1-wok-meal.  As you will see from my recipes, I do eat a lot of mushrooms! They are nutritious, and usually very quick and easy to prepare. They go well on pizza, with pasta, in soups and stews, and even on their own. I have paired button mushrooms with a…… Continue reading Celtuce&Mushrooms Asian style

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Beef Stirfry

Having a busy week? Also cannot believe that it is now April, and that Easter is this weekend!?  Too busy baking away and preparing special treats? Then this recipe is one for you. Although it’s a very busy time, eating a healthy, nutritious gluten-free meal is important, so don’t go hungry. This is one of…… Continue reading Beef Stirfry

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Happy Lantern Festival! Are all Rice Balls gluten-free?

Although Lunar New Year has passed, the festivities only end today – when Lantern Festival (Yuan xiao) is celebrated. For this special occasion, Rice Balls (tang yuan), filled with black sesame paste, or sweet bean paste, are made and eaten.  The balls are boiled in water, and when soft, are served in the water, and…… Continue reading Happy Lantern Festival! Are all Rice Balls gluten-free?