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Summer Smoothie Bowls – Cool Kiwi

Whether you like golden kiwis, or the more common green kiwi, try out this delicious smoothie bowl – no baking required.     Cool Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Serving size: makes one bowl Kiwi fruit can be a little tart or bitter, so if you need to add more sweetness to this smoothie bowl, gently stir…… Continue reading Summer Smoothie Bowls – Cool Kiwi

2017 · Breakfast · Fruit · Good Food · Smoothies · Summer

Summer Smoothie Bowls – Sunshine in a Bowl

Whether you’re needing a cool breakfast to start your summer days with;  or an afternoon snack to keep you going; or even a healthy energy boost after exercising, then this smoothie bowl is exactly what you need! Little time spent in the kitchen, and little effort on your part to whip up a delicious tasting,…… Continue reading Summer Smoothie Bowls – Sunshine in a Bowl

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Super Healthy Apple Fritters

After the holidays, you’ll probably feel  as though you’ve over indulged – whether you’ve eaten too many cookies, or over done it on the roast potatoes (is there such a thing?), drunk a few too many glasses of your favourite beverage, or even enjoyed one too many puddings, (you’ll note that I did not include…… Continue reading Super Healthy Apple Fritters

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Autumn Smoothie Bowl

I really enjoyed making smoothies this past summer. They are really quick, easy, convenient, healthy, and of course, delicious! I sneaked in a last bowl of cold goodness, which I had for brunch, since it was already too chilly this morning for a cold meal. Not only is it pumpkin season, but for fruit lovers,…… Continue reading Autumn Smoothie Bowl