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Summer Smoothie Bowls – Sunshine in a Bowl

Whether you’re needing a cool breakfast to start your summer days with;  or an afternoon snack to keep you going; or even a healthy energy boost after exercising, then this smoothie bowl is exactly what you need! Little time spent in the kitchen, and little effort on your part to whip up a delicious tasting,…… Continue reading Summer Smoothie Bowls – Sunshine in a Bowl

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Super Healthy Apple Fritters

After the holidays, you’ll probably feel  as though you’ve over indulged – whether you’ve eaten too many cookies, or over done it on the roast potatoes (is there such a thing?), drunk a few too many glasses of your favourite beverage, or even enjoyed one too many puddings, (you’ll note that I did not include…… Continue reading Super Healthy Apple Fritters

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Gluten-free No Bake Cookie Crumble Apple Pie

If you still don’t want to turn on your oven because it’s too hot to bake in the kitchen, then this is the perfect recipe for you! You will need only a short time in the kitchen, to whip up a tasty dessert (or breakfast) that tastes soooo lekker!  Cookie Crumble Apple Pie (gluten-free, egg…… Continue reading Gluten-free No Bake Cookie Crumble Apple Pie