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Gluten-free Sweet Potato Noodles Pad Thai (egg free)

Hmmm… Thai food! For most of us that cannot eat gluten, Thai food tends to be one cuisine which is typically gluten-free ~ and usually safe to eat when out. If however, you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen (as I clearly do!) then why not try to recreate some of your favourite recipes in your…… Continue reading Gluten-free Sweet Potato Noodles Pad Thai (egg free)

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Gluten-free Beef & Mini Corn Stir fry

Finally – a meaty recipe that is not chicken! So, after quite a few chicken recipes (as you’ll see, if you search on my blog, there are quite a few chicken recipes to be found!) now that summer is over, and warm meals are more welcome, I’ll start to add warming ingredients to recipes. Time…… Continue reading Gluten-free Beef & Mini Corn Stir fry

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Summer Pumpkin

Although pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, it is –  summer!  That  shouldn’t stop you from enjoying pumpkin now though. These small, organic, tender green pumpkins are delicious, whether enjoyed warm or as a cold dish. What’s great about this dish, is that you won’t need to spend too much time in the hot kitchen making…… Continue reading Summer Pumpkin

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Gluten-free Beef & Chinese Celery

Living in a different country, one is able to try out different vegetables, fruit, and other food products that are not usually available in one’s own country. Celery. Yes, I’m sure that you have heard about this vegetable! You may eat it in salads, or for some, it is eaten as a ‘diet food’. The…… Continue reading Gluten-free Beef & Chinese Celery