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Recipe: Chicken Mafe

It’s April and spring has sprung! The days are longer; the weather warmer; the birds have returned and are chirping away – and there are many more delicious vegetables around to enjoy! With this unpredictable spring weather though – rainy ways, wind, cool evenings, sunny and warm days – this chicken recipe is perfect for…… Continue reading Recipe: Chicken Mafe

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1st Gluten-free Recipe of the New Year!

What better way to warm up the kitchen, than with comforting gluten-free food… Chicken Casserole (gluten-free, dairy free, egg free, sesame free, wheat free, nut free, soy free)   Serves: 4 By: gfchopstix Prep time: 15 minutes Cooking time: about 1 hour Oven temperature: 200C   Ingredients: 1/2 a chicken cut in half, or smaller…… Continue reading 1st Gluten-free Recipe of the New Year!

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Gluten-free Colourful Chicken Fried Rice

I know that nowadays, many people are steering away from beef, pork and chicken, and eating a mostly fish, or plant based diet.  However, since chicken is a lighter meat, and so versatile, I do have lots of recipes which include it. It’s back to school, and schedules are once again hectic! If you don’t…… Continue reading Gluten-free Colourful Chicken Fried Rice