2016 · How to...?

August – How to…?

This month I will be featuring a few posts, titled  ‘How to make..?’

In this hectic modern age that we live in,  it is so convenient to pop into a store to buy the basics needed for cooking and baking – but, have you paused to  read the list of ingredients before you use these products?

Perhaps you are not too concerned about the chemicals and additives that are added to store bought conveniences such as sauces and pre-packaged meals; or perhaps you do not have the time needed to spend in your kitchen making healthier foods from scratch.

However, if you are looking for simple and easy ways to make a few conveniences, and are wanting to eat a more natural diet, then these ‘How to…?’ are just what you are looking for!

Check back each Friday this month for the ‘How to…?’


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