2016 · Celiac Awareness

Celiac Awareness Day!

Today is international Celiac (Coeliac) Awareness Day!

What will you be doing to raise awareness for yourself, and others?

I decided to share some delicious looking recipes from these gluten-free bloggers. Take a look:


The first recipe is a spicy shrimp and wild rice,  from Jackie, at CAFE

For the vegetarians, this tofu and mushroom dish looks wonderful, from Cindy, at Vegetarian Mamma

For dessert, how about poached pears, from Annette at Best Life Gluten Free

This corn salsa is perfect for a warm day, from Taylor, a teen blogger, at GlutenAway


Every day for those of us living a gluten-free lifestyle, is actually a day to be aware.  Eating out, reading labels on food products, sourcing healthy and safe food to eat; and constantly having to be vigilant about cross-contamination or accidental exposure to gluten.

There are more bloggers now, educating others with their healthy recipes, and experiences of living with celiac disease. Let this day be one for sharing and caring.

Make this a Happy Celiac (Coeliac) Awareness Day!



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