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More beauty

No, you’re not viewing the wrong blog. This is still a food blog! hahaha!  It just so happens that this year I’m spending far less time in the kitchen creating new recipes to share with you, and more time doing ‘real’ things.  Now that has both its advantages and disadvantages. I unfortunately do not get much time on my blog, and especially posting new, delicious gluten-free recipes for us all to enjoy. However, I am still spending a lot of time in my kitchen, making others happy with freshly baked gluten-free goodies.

And so, there will be at least one new recipe a month to share with you, if I can manage it.

For now, enjoy these sweet photos…

























And what was lurking behind these beautiful peach blossoms?












6 thoughts on “More beauty

  1. Love the pics. Last year I shot one like this pink, but don’t know its name. Do you?
    So, some of us are having less time to blog. We did have a more frequent posting schedule, me included, but I’m finding a new balance, posting 1 and maybe 2 times a week. It’s better.

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    1. Thanks, Lucile. Currently I just snap away whenever I get a chance, or something catches my eye – so no great photographic skills, I’m afraid! haha
      The beautiful pink clusters are Cercis chinensis, or Chinese Redbud. They’re native to China and Japan.
      I’m still randomly posting, but hope to find a balance, as you have 😀


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