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Gluten-free Trends?

When I was diagnosed many years ago, with having gluten issues, it was a wasteland! There was literally ‘nothing’ to eat.  Having lived a wheat filled, gluten filled life up until that stage, where was I to go? The supermarkets, bakeries and stores were filled with only gluten-laden goodies. How cruel! How on earth could I enjoy the holidays without gluten? No Christmas puddings… no Yorkshire puds…no shortbread…. no mince pies…no cookies? Surely not!? Well, what was the point of celebrating then?

So much has fortunately changed since those days!  I have learnt how to bake, cook and enjoy gluten-free goodies, which although may not taste identical to the products that I grew up on, are pretty tasty, and far healthier too!

This Christmas however, it looks as though those of you living in the UK (and possibly US?) are in for a treat.  A gluten-free treat!

So, is this a trend that is here to stay, or will it be a passing phase?



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