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The 5 Senses – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge has been featuring the five senses.  While I’ve missed the last four, I’ve managed to make it to the last one!  When it comes to food, cooking and baking, the five senses play a huge role in what our personal preferences are.

Some like it sweet, others spicy. Some prefer the aroma of garlic frying in a pan, whilst others prefer the smell of freshly baked bread. Some like the appearance of a well styled, perfectly placed plate of food, whilst others go for a messy banana split. Some enjoy  listening to the sizzle of bacon frying on the grill. Some like to pick up vegetables and fruit and give them a gentle squeeze before purchasing them.

For the last of the five senses, this is my selection. Can you guess which sense it represents?




ALL gluten-free. Of course.

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