Gluten Free Info

Eat Out Gluten Free!

Helpful information for those who have been recently diagnosed with allergies, and not sure what do to about eating out, and also for those of us who perhaps are too used to living an allergy-free life, and may need some reminding.

Navigating the restaurant scene when you or your child has food issues can be daunting. It makes you want to hole up in the safety of your kitchen and never leave. So we asked Paul Antico for his insider tips. Father of three children with severe food allergies (tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, sesame, dairy), Antico is founder of AllergyEats, a comprehensive online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. He gave us the usual advice for dining out safely–research the restaurants in advance, read the ingredient list of any items on the menu you re not sure about, avoid eating out during peak hours, watch out for buffet lines (due to likely cross-contamination). Then he shared these seven additional survival tips:

Source: Eat Out Gluten Free!


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