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Summer over already?!? Creamy Iced Espresso

Enjoying the cooler autumn air, or is it spring now where you are?

Espresso Granita with whipped Cream – sounds grand, doesn’t it

I thought so too!  This is the first time that I’ve made a  coffee granita.  I’ve made iced coffee plenty of times, but never tried to make granita.  Have you?

I chose to make a coffee granita rather than a fruit based one, because it sounded so grown-up and sophisticated – and looked simple enough to attempt.

coffee granita

I brewed a fresh pot of medium roast coffee, and added dark brown sugar, rather than white sugar.

impatiently let the sugar dissolve, then poured it into a freezer safe container.

coffee into container

After the first freeze, (I took it out after 30 minutes, but it wasn’t solid yet, so returned it to the freezer) –  I then removed it, and using a fork, scraped the solid block of coffee.  This was the fun part! I did do a taste test, and realised that I should have added a lot little less sugar, since the dark brown sugar really was as sweet as syrup.

I removed the container from the freezer twice, to scrape it, then left it in overnight.

break ice

In my excitement to photograph the granita, I didn’t anticipate that the 35C+ heat would melt the coffee or coconut milk cream so quickly!  This is the result…..


Iced coffee!

The coffee granita hadn’t completely melted, so there were still chunks of lovely ice inside my now  icy cappuccino!

I returned the container to the freezer, and later served up more granita, sans the coconut milk cream.

I do think that this granita would go well with a creamy liquer, and perhaps even a hazelnut ice cream.

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