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The science behind gluten

For those of us who are not able to eat gluten, baking can be a real challenge. Today’s post is very scientific, but simply explained, so that even those of us who are not scientists,  can understand it.

Do you miss the convenience and ease of baking with wheat flour? Just add water, and a few simple ingredients, and you were able to whip up a pizza, bread, cakes, cookies, etc, without having to test recipe after recipe; failure after failure; until you found ingredients that when combined, created tasty gluten-free treats? What is the reason that gluten based wheat flour is so easy to use – other than the fact that it contains gluten?

https://www.youtube.com/embed/zDEcvSc2UKA” target=”_blank”>America’s Test Kitchen shows us just what gluten is


5 thoughts on “The science behind gluten

  1. I’ve been intrigued about a post I saw of yours recently about gluten causing brain fog. I’m having brain fog a lot lately, but assume it’s from lack of sleep. It probably is, but can you describe any more what happens?


    1. Hi Desley, well, I guess my recent experience of being ‘gluttened’ is a good enough example – I recently ate out, and was assured, as usual that the food was safely gluten-free. I still doubted it (I suppose from experience I know better), because the taste of the food was somewhat different to what I had expected. Anyway…. for the past few days, I have felt like I cannot think! Trying to go about a normal day, is difficult. I was unable to concentrate, make rational decisions, and even trying to figure out a new recipe is just too much to attempt! It’s like my brain is fuzzy – that is not very clear, I know, but difficult to explain it. It really does feel like I am under heavy fog, and cannot ‘think’ (see) clearly. I would imagine that lack of sleep would have the same affect on our bodies. There is still so much to learn about celiac disease (gluten intolerance), and usually it is more than just one symptom that affects the body. Hope that you’re feeling better soon! 🙂

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