September ~ What’s on at GF-Chopstix!

It’s September the 1st, and the weather is cooling down ….. finally. There are visible signs of summer waning, with the later sunrises and earlier  sunsets; the last of the gorgeous summer flowers wilting; leaves gradually changing colours; temperatures noticeably dropping, and the delicious summer vegetables and fruit on their way out.

This month on GF-Chopstix, you can look forward to the regulars:

  1. What’s baking / cooking in the GF-Chopstix kitchen?
  2. Photo Challenges
  3. Recipes from fellow gluten-free bloggers
  4. Gluten-free information
  5. Great recipes and ideas

From this month, however, I will not be posting every day, nor as often as I have been.  Life’s focus changes, and as much as I’d love to devote all my time and energy to my blog, that is currently not possible.  I will try to post a new recipe as often as possible. So, don’t go away, but know that there will be fewer posts from GF-Chopstix.

If you have any suggestions, or recipes that you’d like to see featured, let me know.


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