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Simple Summer Meal

Did I mention that it is VERY HOT (note the use of capitals!) out there!? I’m trying not to use my oven too much, but I still like to use it to make quick meals. I mostly use the stove top, as it is more bearable in this heat. I made a very simple, yet very tasty meal, of shrimps, salad and oven chips (fries). simplesummermeal A perfect meal for a hot summer’s day. Marinated shrimps, with fresh lemon; home-made fresh oven chips (fries); a light and tasty cucumber salad, and a glass of Rock Shandy.

Check back for the recipes.


9 thoughts on “Simple Summer Meal

  1. Oh I can’t stomach cucumber! But the rest looks yummy!! I’ve decided never to use my oven again after the amount of time and effort cleaning it last weekend Heheheheh. Good luck cooling off πŸ˜€

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      1. Cucumber smells soooooooooo bad. My brother and I both can’t stand the smell but our parents think we’re weird 😜 But I found a colleague recently who had the same problem.
        Ugh the oven! I cleaned it almost two weeks ago and haven’t used it since.

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