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What’s happening at GF-Chopstix this August?

Summer! Yes, it is in full swing…and after complaining about the cold, now rather, I’m complaining about the heat!  Well, at 35+C and 90-100% humidity, can you really blame me?!!?

I will not be spending much time in my kitchen this month, whipping up delicious meals.  Don’t get me wrong. I’d really love to be doing just that, with all the bountiful summer produce that’s around! However, just the mere thought of slogging away in a steamy hot kitchen, doesn’t appeal …. at all!

So, this month, it is light, healthy meals, that do not need much preparation, or cooking time. If any, at all.

  • This month, there will be no Tea Time with Justine, but fear not – we will be joining her again in September.
  • My monthly feature – What’s Cooking in the kitchen / Baking in the GF-Chopstix oven? will be posted shortly.
  • Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is still running, so I will definitely be there. How about you?
  • I will still be sharing delicious gluten-free recipes from fellow bloggers.
  • Of course, there will also be my own delicious gluten-free recipes to look forward to.

Have a great month!


8 thoughts on “What’s happening at GF-Chopstix this August?

  1. TGI-summer! What’s cooking? I like this idea of telling us what’s going on at the beginning of the month. I’ve been thinking of doing a month-end wrap up like some folks do, but I don’t get to it.
    Happy August!!

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