Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge Week#8

I used to love collecting little bits of memories on my travels. Every where I went, I wanted to have some kind of memento, to remember where I had been; what I’d seen and experienced.  After I returned from a trip, I then had the predicament of where on earth I was going to display all the trinkets I had!

Are you a trinket junkie, or more the ‘Leave only footprints’ kind of traveler?

Leanne from Nihongo Japan, is hosting a challenge – The Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge.  Click on the link to join in the fun.

This particular trinket is from a trip I did years ago, to Mount E Mei in Sichuan province.

It was December, and the ground lay thick with snow. Whilst making my way up the thousands of treacherous stairs to the summit, a sweet little old lady was sitting on one of the landings (as the pedlars usually do), in the freezing cold, hand-stitching these shoes, and others, for the handful of hikers that were there for the off season. I honestly do not remember how much they cost, but at the time, it didn’t even matter. That poor old lady was sitting out in the elements, all day, still trying to earn a living.

I have never worn mine, but kept them as a reminder of that trip.


Beautifully hand-made
Beautifully hand-made

5 thoughts on “Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge Week#8

  1. Thank you so much for taking part! I love it when trinkets bring back memories of people as well as places. I think over the years I have changed into a more footprints type traveller. Like Desleyjane, my focus is now more about the lens. Though I do enjoy visiting local markets and artisans and if I find a small something that really captures the journey for me I treat myself.

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    1. Thanks for the challenge, Leanne, I really like your concept. I guess travelling lighter these days is also a better option, and much kinder on the environment. I do however like to support local craftsmen, so that makes it even more difficult to return home empty-handed.

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