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Which ORGANS are causing your ACNE??!!!—— FACE MAPPING——–>>> WHY & HOW?

How does food and your lifestyle affect your body? For those of us living a gluten free lifestyle, eczema and skin problems are quite common. Here is an interesting post by Jainis on acne.

Jaini's Natural Bubble

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a  brief post on ACNE HERE and had a lot of queries and questions following that with regards to the oil cleansing methods, where to buy the right oil ect and covered that here – oil cleansingcoconut oil benefitswhere and how to buy coconut oil. I just wanted to elaborate on face mapping which is a popular method used in Chinese medicine to fIgure out which organs are causing the acne as in my previous posts I have said you ARE what you EAT and the organs play one of the most important roles in our lives that affect our skin and the outer look of our bodies!     ?  ?


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