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Jump into July

It’s ice cream month! Well, not officially –  I don’t think??! It probably should be though, considering how hot it is outside.

It’s finally summer, in the northern hemisphere, that is, and with temperatures reaching over 35C, why would you want to be in the kitchen, slaving away, cooking dishes in this heat?!

It’s time for cool, refreshing and tasty treats!

This month, I will be focusing on icy treats that are perfect for children, and even the grown-up ones! As always, they will be gluten-free!

Since it is the middle of summer, and the kitchen is VERY hot this time of the year, I will not be spending much time near the oven, or cooking many dishes.  Like most of you, I prefer to eat lighter meals – salads, pasta, sandwiches, and of course, ice cream!

Hope that you’re having a great summer!


8 thoughts on “Jump into July

  1. Our summer has been very hard to download this year, but yesterday it arrived for a couple of days … and I enjoyed ice cream 3 times in pure happiness over sunshine and blue sky.

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