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Tea Time #12

What was ‘Cooking’ in the GF-Chopstix kitchen? Read on to find out.

May was such a hectic month, which has now rolled into June, and I completely missed tea time with Justine!  Not to fear though, it is now Tea Time No.11…. #12, and I’ve made it!  What will you be bringing to tea?

Usually for tea time, I bake something lekker to eat with a cup or mug of tea or coffee, or any other beverage, but this time, the heat is in the kitchen, so I need some cooling off!

Head on over to Justine’s to see what others brought to tea, and you can even add yours too!

Peach Flavoured Oolong Tea


I have been eyeing the beautiful display of teas, on a table from one of my fellow vendors at the weekend markets.

I recently purchased this particular one, after taste testing a mango infused tea that also appealed to me.  However, I now know why this peach tea is the best seller!

If WP had ‘scratch and sniff’, then you too would be loving the fresh, fruity aroma from this tea!

One glass bottle, and a teabag
One glass bottle, and a teabag

To make this Oolong tea cold, it is brewed using cold water, and then refrigerated.

Place teabag into a jug or bottle and fill with cold water
Place teabag into a jug or bottle and fill with cold water

After refrigerating for a minimum of six hours (or overnight), it is ready to enjoy!

After six hours in the refrigerator
After six hours in the refrigerator

Pour into a cup, and enjoy the peachy aroma whilst you cool off!


This tea is sooo refreshing! No boiling the kettle and waiting for your tea to cool down. Just place a teabag into a container, add cold water, pop into the refrigerator before you go to bed, and awake the next morning to a cool, refreshing, delicious tasting beverage.


17 thoughts on “Tea Time #12

  1. You know I would never have thought to put a teabag in cold water to marinate/brew in the fridge overnight. What a clever idea and you know what? I will definitely be trying this how clever 🌸🌸

    What brand is this tea as now I want to try this too or it is a hand blended local one that doesn’t sell to the UK?

    This would work well with peppermint tea that being left overnight I think or apparently lemon is good to drink first thing as it does some preparatory thing to the body. Now I am rambling hehe. Thank you joining Tea Time lovely to see you back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Justine! 😀 Thanks for the warm welcome. The brand is ‘Steaped’, but I think that it is only available locally? It’s from Taiwan, so you could try the Asian stores? I know – I usually brew my tea the usual way, then refrigerate in the summer – haha! This one is made with tea leaves and dried fruit, so I guess any other brand like this would work. Ooh, peppermint sounds good!

      Liked by 1 person

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