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Celiac Awareness – Gluten testing?

This is the last week of Celiac Awareness month.  Have you, or your family members been tested positive for gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Do you even know where to begin?

SimplyGluten-Free offers good advise, from a medical professional. Click below to learn more.

Suspect gluten?

6 thoughts on “Celiac Awareness – Gluten testing?

    1. It’s good that you were diagnosed correctly, and able to change your diets for the better. Back then, not much information was available. It’s encouraging to see how awareness has progressed!

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      1. YES,thanks to an army doctor who recognized the hives and Mayo Clinic who found out my other brothers problem. My most of my medical problems are a result of eaten gluten for 63 years. I even was at the point I would vomit after eating a meal of wheat.

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