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How You Explain Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Be Heard: How You Explain Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle – Gluten-Free Living. 10885584_10152978149238318_6903730562028962912_n As part of Celiac Awareness Month, GlutenFree Living is asking a weekly question.  This one was:

 How you explain your gluten-free lifestyle

Are you following a gluten free lifestyle because you think that you may have digestive issues, and that it makes you feel generally better, OR do you actually have an intolerance to gluten; or suffer from celiac disease?

 Many people do not know what gluten actually is, or how it negatively affects those of us with celiac disease.  When I was first diagnosed many years ago, I also did not know what gluten actually was, or which foods contained gluten.  When I realised that wheat, rye, barley, oats – pasta, bread, pizza, cookies, cakes and even cereals contain gluten, I was devastated.

Now of course, many years later, I am in better control of my lifestyle and eating habits, but find that explaining my gluten-free lifestyle to others is not that easy.  Some people are genuinely interested, and want to learn more.  Others, however, are just amazed that I don’t eat a typical ‘normal’ diet, and are simply curious.

I do explain what gluten’s function is in a gluten product (such as bread) that people are familiar with, and why I (and many others) cannot eat it, and then I also list the other healthy, tasty grains that I CAN eat, such as sorghum, quinoa or millet.

How about you?  How do you respond? Leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “How You Explain Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle

  1. Living with Celiac’s disease for long I get tired ofvit. I am trying to GF when I refer to fv ood. It doesn’t work. I will answer questions to help someone who is really interested in knowing. Over the years I a number individuals that had it and didn’t know. Others didn’t want to fool with it.

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