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Forces of Nature – Urho

This week, the photo challenge at WordPress is – Forces of Nature.

Although nature can be beautiful, serene and calm, there are other aspects which are far more violent, such as – typhoons, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and many more.

Wind is probably one of the greatest natural forces which can alter a landscape.  We were fortunate enough to travel through north western China, and got to see this marvelous sight.

Urho Wind City sunset
Urho Wind City sunset

Urho Wind City, is a magnificent sight! This wind eroded geological site covers an area of about 20sqkm. The wind currents here are extremely harsh, and whilst wandering around, one can hear them howling like wild animals. At sunset, the wind picks up, and small rocks and sand fly about, creating a dark and eerie sky.

The area is mainly of sandstone and mudstone from the Cretaceous Period.

The local Mongolian people call the place “Sulumuhak,” while the local Kazakh people named it “Shytirkrs.” Both have the same meaning – ghost castle.

Urho Wind City - overexposure
Urho Wind City – overexposure

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

12 thoughts on “Forces of Nature – Urho

  1. A stunning landscape made even more dramatic with the sunset. Beautiful photo! Would love to see more of you China photos – it is a country I have yet to experience.

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