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What is in your gluten-free kitchen?

What is in your gluten-free kitchen or pantry? I’ve often wondered, other than in my own kitchen, what do other gluten-free eaters usually have in their kitchens?

This is a basic list of what is usually stocked in my kitchen.

ALL gluten-free:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fruit – fresh and dried
  • Sauces – Tamari, Gluten-free soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Mustard, Ketchup, vinegar, etc.
  • Oils – such as Olive oil, nut oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, etc.
  • Herbs – fresh and dried
  • Spices – such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc.
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable stock
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cocao
  • Coconut
  • Dark brown sugar
  • Icing sugar
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Non-dairy milk powder
  • Honey

In my fridge/freezer:

  • Frozen chicken stock
  • Meat and fish
  • Frozen muffins, bread, (all of which will be eaten very soon!)
  • Vegetables
  • Xanthan gum
  • Baking powder
  • Dried Seeds, such as sunflower, flax, etc.
  • Starches
  • Yoghurt
  • Nut butters
  • Butter
  • Coconut milk
  • Jam

What is in your gluten-free kitchen? Care to share?


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