Guessing Game #4 – Reveal yourself!

I joined Justine’s Eclectic Odds n Sods Guessing Game #4. 

  The theme for this one, was ‘Protection’.

I really thought that my entry would be an easy one to guess, but to my delight, surprise, it wasn’t.

Justine, our host, was the first to guess.

When she immediately guessed ‘material’, I thought, “Well, that’s it. Over already!” hahahaha! However, it wasn’t. Then she guessed that it was a wash cloth. On her third guess, she thought that it looked like a towel.  Hmmm….

Lucile, also had three guesses.

First she thought that it looked like a blanket.  I think that the ‘material’ guess got her thinking that. Or perhaps because it’s winter? Her second guess was a kitchen towel. Now, I think that one is probably because I spend most of my time in the kitchen! haha! Her third guess was flannel.

Thanks for taking time to guess and play along, Justine and Lucile.

So, what was I masking?



That’s right. A face mask. Many diseases are commonly spread through saliva. I know –  Yuck! It’s true though.  So, although wearing a mask is not a full-proof solution, it will at least prevent you spitting on others, and thus prevent the spread of germs. Especially with the change in seasons, germs and viruses are lurking everywhere.

Keep well and stay protected!

Head over to Justine’s blog, Eclectic OddsnSods to view the others.

15 thoughts on “Guessing Game #4 – Reveal yourself!

  1. haha wow i would never have guessed that one lol. I don’t think i have ever worn one do you often wear it? hehe….well I think that was as wicked…sorry hard entry as everyone elses seems to have been. I need to keep an eye on you too it seems hehe xx….ps did you email me? I had a whole heap delete and suddenly thought uh oh did i delete yours by mistake?


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