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Look what I found! Not for the boys…?

How concerned are you about not consuming gluten? Are you extremely careful where you eat out; what you eat that you haven’t prepared yourself; keeping gluten and non-gluten products separated?

You may be concerned and careful about what you put into your body, but how about the products you use on your body?  Moisturiser. Body lotion. Shampoo. Conditioner. Gel. Make-up.

I recently discovered this wonderful blog. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long, but anyway, here it is!

Gluten Free Makeup Gal has a site, just for us! Not sure which products are safe? Look no further.

Getting Started with Gluten Free Makeup

9 thoughts on “Look what I found! Not for the boys…?

      1. yes amazing. I got tested for Celiac, I do have IBS but it came up with a negative for Celiac. i’ve been trying various diets, I went on a dairy and wheat free, the bloating died down and the pains, but then she said to go back on to wheat but stop the dairy, this went nuts over Xmas and I couldn’t stick to it, so trying again.

        Various people have said to me i might be allergic to yeast, but the doctors say thats an alternative medicine wayto think and they don’t recognize yeast sensitivity or candida allergy in the body as a whole, they ony treat ‘certain’ areas, ie mouth and women’s bits and pieces, so still a bit stuck. I am sure all the meds I am on do not help at all. I’ve always been slightly bloated but never like this, i think of myself as a tellytubby now lol x

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