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Gluten free humour

A little gluten free humour to brighten up your Monday.

Living a life with allergies and intolerances isn’t always easy, and sometimes, we need to step back, and laugh a bit.

This in no way lessens the seriousness of our daily struggles with living gluten free, or dairy free, or nut free, or soy free, or corn free, or any other problem we may have with regards to our health.

Here are three songs that I found on Youtube. What do you think of them?


5 thoughts on “Gluten free humour

  1. These were grrreat! The gluten bikini with the croissant top and doughnut bottoms was hilarious! I like that the second video did her song “in the name of friendship” what a sweet friend. I wish the Royals parody had been longer, my kids like that original song so it tickled my funny bone even more…”constant food envy” “Celiac in our brain” hahaha! Thanks for the uplift! Wonderful-off the wall- post!

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      1. He has a very nice voice. It’s always amazing to see how talented ‘non-Royals’ truly are! (I’m assuming he’s not really famous. Is he?)


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