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Rooibos – Part VII

There are so many uses for Rooibos tea, other than drinking it. Yes, it does taste lekker, so why limit yourself to only making tea?

Contents of a teabag
Tea leaves

  • I often use Rooibos tea as a replacement for water in a recipe
  • I use Rooibos tea as an ingredient in smoothies
  • It is a great ingredient in marinades, and tenderizes the meat
  • It can be stored in a container in the refrigerator for about a week, and still be used without a problem
  • In summer, it is a wonderful addition to fruit salads; fruit punches and also as an iced tea drink (check back for recipes once the weather gets warmer)

Since Rooibos is a natural dye; although the tea does look very pretty and vibrant in a white mug, cup or teapot, it will stain it!

Using a dark coloured mug, or a glass one is a better option.

Rooibos teabag in a white mug. Looks pretty, but...
Rooibos teabag in a white mug. Looks pretty, but…

That is the end of my series on Rooibos. For now – there is always more! I hope that you’ve enjoyed my recipes, and also found out a bit more about the health benefits of the lekker herbal tea, Rooibos.


4 thoughts on “Rooibos – Part VII

  1. Oooh i feel like going on a protest walk at this being the last lol!!! I have got. Roobois teabags plain niw and very nice but cannot get loose leaf locally at all . I am so surprosed i didcoveed this so late it seems everyone i know drinks it lol x

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    1. Hehehe! Walking is good for you ;p but please don’t protest! πŸ™‚ Thanks for following my series, Justine! When it gets warmer (yes, I’m already so over winter), I’ll have more recipes to share πŸ˜€ It’s never too late to start drinking Rooibos πŸ˜€

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