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Rooibos – Part VI

Have you finished a pot of Rooibos tea yet? If you have, stop! don’t be in such a hurry to throw out that tea bag; or those tea leaves. 

They are still useful!

What to do

  • Once you’ve made your tea, remove from your cup or teapot, and place onto a dish to dry out. Leaving them in a sunny spot is better, as it will prevent mold.
  • Once the teabag has completely dried out, you can store it, in a breathable (or a basket) container, for about a month. You could store it longer, I suppose, but that’s the longest that I’ve stored them.

Uses for those dried up teabags

  1. Take about four dried teabags and place into a container (one that can safely hold boiled water), and boil the kettle. Pour the water over, leave to steep for 5-8 minutes, and then discard the teabags;


2. Open up the teabags and collect the used tea leaves. Sprinkle them into your potplants;


3. Keep the used teabags for the same day, or the next morning, and slightly heat two of them, in hot, boiled (not boiling!) water, and place the teabags over your closed eyelids. Lie back and relax. It soothes tired eyes.

Once you’ve remade the tea with the leftover teabags, use as follows:

  • Pour this tea over your hair as a final rinse, to keep your colour vibrant and shiny, and to nourish your scalp. This works so well for brunettes.
  • Use this (cold) tea to water your plants, in place of tap water
  • Pour into a basin and soak your tired feet
  • Allow the tea to cool and use to wash your face
  • This tea can also be used to rinse your body after a bath or shower
  • If you have sunburn, then add this tea to your bath of water and soak in it
  • It is also safe to use to bathe babies and pets
  • Use the water (with teabags) as a dye for fabric
Empty tea bag and leaves
Empty tea bag and leaves

NOTE: Rooibos is a natural dye, so you will want to rinse out your containers after using, and wash down the shower.


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