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Rooibos – Part V

Did you enjoy the Rooibos latte?Β  Here is the second recipe, using loose Rooibos tea leaves.

Flower Rooibos Tea

Daisy Rooibos tea
Daisy Rooibos tea

Using any edible flower you prefer, add it to your Rooibos tea and allow to steep, then enjoy!

Chamomile and mint also go well with Rooibos.

Add a sweetener of choice if you like a sweeter tea. The daisies are naturally sweet.

Daisy Rooibos tea
Daisy Rooibos tea

6 thoughts on “Rooibos – Part V

    1. I think that I may have gotten the translation wrong. They are probably Chrysanthemums, and not the little white and yellow daisies that we see growing in gardens. However, I do believe that it is possible to drink daisy tea, for medicinal purposes πŸ˜€ So glad that you’re enjoying Rooibos au naturale ;p

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      1. I bought my tea bags of Roobois yesterday and its a good make which is fab. Oh yes I have Eclectic Corner #4 today it is a fun Guessing Game with a photographic requirement, I think youmight enjoy it, will you come and join in? πŸ˜€

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