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Rooibos – Part III

Can you tell the difference?

What's the difference?
What’s the difference?

Are you able to tell the difference between the two bowls of Rooibos tea above? Other than the fact that the bowls are different colours and sizes, that is! The tea does look different, but why?

The tea leaves below are not from a teabag. They are loose, and are much finer.

Finely ground for a tea strainer
Finely ground for a tea strainer

The leaves below are the contents of a regular (Rooibos) teabag, and as you can see, they are rougher, bigger and contain parts of the plant as well as the leaves.

Contents of a teabag
Contents of a teabag

Of course, using teabags is just so convenient. They can be easily stored, transported and also, if you want to have a quick cuppa, then it’s so easy.

However, brewing the tea leaves in a press or strainer, gets more colour and flavour from the leaves, but takes a lot longer, and you need equipment to make your favourite cuppa.

Which do you personally prefer?



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