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Four New Years’ Resolutions to Forget

I don’t make resolutions for the new year. If something needs to change, why wait until the 1st of January to do it?

Terri has some valid points, and her post is worth a read.

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As a leisure/lifestyle consultant, I see too often how New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Raise your hand if you have resolved to change something in 2015 and have already broken it…c’mon raise your hand higher. I know mine is raised!

We make New Year’s resolutions out of good intentions motivated in part by guilt, media hype and eek! the mirror. I challenge you to forget four resolutions and be kinder to yourself in 2015. Who’s with me?

Do not join a gym. What, you ask? Instead of gathering during tourist season and fighting for parking spaces this month, take more walks outside. If you have a dog, walk him—he needs exercise too.

For those living in cold winter regions where walking outside is out of the question, here are some ideas: dig through your old VHS or DVD collections and pull…

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One thought on “Four New Years’ Resolutions to Forget

  1. I’m definitely making resolutions all year round – and breaking them all year round too! I try and remember Ann of Green Gables – tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes. I just keep trying to try again.

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