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Christmas Eve Bedtime Stories

“Excuse me, young man, what day is it?” Scrooge asked the boy. The boy looked surprised.

“It’s Christmas, sir,” the boy answered.

“Christmas!” Scrooge was surprised. All of the visits from the ghosts had taken place in one night.

He called back to the boy, “Young man, do you know the butcher’s shop down the street?”

“Of course,” answered the boy.

“Good,” Scrooge said. “There’s a big goose in the window. Do you know if they have sold it?”

“That goose? It’s as big as me,” the boy answered “I know they haven’t sold it.”

“Great,” said Scrooge. “Please go and tell the butcher I will buy it. If you come back quickly, I’ll give you a nice tip.”

Extract from ‘The Christmas Carol,’ by Charles Dickens


Enjoy your Christmas Eve, however you may be spending it!


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