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Safe Gluten Free Christmas Reminder!

To ensure that you, and your loved ones enjoy a safe and happy gluten free Christmas, I’ve listed a few important things to remember when shopping, and also preparing meals.
When shopping for ingredients for any gluten free recipes, ensure that you read labels carefully.  It is not unusual for a trusted brand to suddenly change an ingredient, rendering their product no longer gluten free.

Wheat free does not equal gluten free

Gluten is present in rye, barley, semolina, oats, amongst other products.  Ensure that the product you buy is 100% gluten free.  Also, if a label only states that the product contains starch, rather than listing which starch (corn or bean as an example), do not assume that it is safe for a gluten free diet. 
Tapioca starch, corn starch, bean starch, potato starch and arrowroot starch are gluten free and safe to consume.
Avoiding gluten cross contamination at home
  • Ensure that all utensils are separated if being used in a kitchen that is not strictly gluten free. 
  • Carefully wash any utensils that have been used for gluten dishes.
  • Prepare recipes away from wheat flour or other wheat dishes.
  • Do not place gluten free foods on the same plate as food containing any gluten.
  • Store gluten ingredients, (noodles, bread, etc) in sealed containers, in a separate cabinet away from any gluten free products.

I hope that this is helpful to you, and that you’ll have happy, stress-free and enjoyable Christmas meals!


Do you have any other advise for safe gluten free eating this festive season? If you do, then comment below:


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