Cee’s Photo Challenge

Praise the bridge that carried you over.
– George Colman

I lost count as to how many bridges we crossed on our 60 000 km roadtrip. There were narrow crudely built bridges crossing gorges. There were enormous, well engineered structures that carried us over mountains. We even crossed a bridge from one province leading to another (we didn’t even realise that we had crossed into another province, until later). We were able to drive through historically impassible mountainous regions because there are now bridges, and throughout our trip, we also drove under enormous, intimidating concrete bridges that stood towering high above us.

The photos I chose for Cee’s Photo Challenge ‘Bridges‘, shows just how one can travel through an inhospitable, untamed environment, with the help of advanced technology.

Guozigou (fruit valley) Bridge was completed in 2011. It is situated in the province of Xin Jiang, China, and is a very impressive piece of engineering.  It stands 180 metres high, with a span of 360 metres.

Guozigou Bridge
Guozigou Bridge

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