Seeing double?

During the winter, there is not much to see in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. It is very flat, very cold, and mostly covered by thick snow or ice. However, as you slowly drive into Èrliánhàotè, (also known as Erlian or Ereen), you’ll be greeted on both sides of the road by dinosaurs.  Yes, that’s right, dinosaurs. They vary in size, but are all huge in comparison to a person. They are scattered along the roadside, in various poses, and then, you come across this…

Double the trouble
Double the trouble (the original)

The photo above is the original, taken at sunset. Then I used a photo editing package and added extra colour (below) to make it more dramatic.

Double with added boost
Double with a boost

Some history about Èrliánhàotè:

In 2010, two Ph.D. students discovered a new species of dinosaur, a relative of the famous Velociraptor. The exceptionally well preserved dinosaur, named Linheraptor exquisitus, is the first near complete skeleton of its kind to be found in the Gobi desert since 1972, and will help scientists work out the appearance of other closely related dinosaur species. Source:

There is also a dinosaur museum, and ‘Dinosaur Fairyland’ where you’ll find many, many statues of dinosaurs scattered around the grassland.


11 thoughts on “Seeing double?

    1. Hi Lucile, Thank you! I was just fascinated by these huge structures that suddenly appeared ‘out of nowhere’ on our long, boring drive through barren landscape for an entire day. As the sun was setting, we came across the dino sculptures, and the light just added that extra effect.


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