Life’s little treasures


Does this word have a special meaning to you? What is it that you treasure? Perhaps it’s your child, or children? A friend, or lover, or spouse? A pet? Maybe a family heirloom? Or is it time? The pleasure of quality time? I had a tough time deciding which of my many treasures to share today.

To me, my dearest treasure is my family. Yes, we have our ups and downs. Yes, we argue and disagree. Why are they still treasured? It’s called LOVE.

Today, however, I’ve shared another treasure.

As a child, I was always fascinated by the Russian Matryoshka dolls. You know the ones that stack into one another, and the tiny little dolls that are swallowed up inside the belly of the largest one? The whole design of the dolls, from the shiny, ornate wooden material and unique designs, to the tiniest little doll that was so intricately carved. I was mesmerized. I could have bought one for myself.  Years ago.  But, I wanted one from Russia. I wanted to choose a doll for myself.

When we travelled to Man Zhouli, which is the border city between Russia and China, I was thrilled to see the biggest Matryoshka doll in the world.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit into our car!

I also discovered that the factory which makes all the dolls that are then exported, is in fact not in Russia! I’m sure that there must still be locally made Matryoshka dolls, but for the mass market, they are ‘Made in China’.

On Christmas Day, this is the treasure that I found in my stocking…

Matryoshka dolls
Matryoshka dolls

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