Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes. As defined by Wikipedia.

For today’s photography 101 challenge, I had a very difficult task. Not because I didn’t have any photos to post. Oh no! I have way too many!  On our travels for almost a year, we saw such amazingly beautiful scenery, that even a photograph would not do the beauty any justice. Really! I would look around, and marvel at the beauty, then pull out my camera, and snap a few too many shots, and then when I looked back at them, they just didn’t seem to capture the essence of what I witnessed.

I have thousands of photos of the most amazing scenery I could ever hope to see in my lifetime. Therefore, for today’s challenge, I wasn’t sure which photo to choose?

I settled on this one.

Stone forest
Stone forest

We drove for hours, along one of the most treacherous mountain ‘roads’ we were to encounter. No other vehicles in sight, and just a narrow dirt road snaking its way further and further away from the main road.

When we got to what was the end of the road, there were a few newly finished government buildings to our right, and to our left, some wooden cabins, with smoke bellowing from the chimneys.  It was a very cold day!

We were stopped by a young man on a beautiful horse, asking us where we were going. We had absolutely no idea, other than what we had been told by the inn keeper where we were staying that night (in the town kilometers away). She had told us about a stone mountain in the area, that wasn’t on the ‘tourist trap’ route.  The man on the horse pointed ahead of us, and said that we could just drive past the cabins, and keep on going along a path.

The path wasn’t for vehicles, however. This was an animal path, as we soon discovered, going up a steep incline of about thirty degrees, passing cattle, sheep and a few horses on our way up.

When we arrived, we were treated to the most breathtaking view of a stone mountain (the one in the photo).

There just happened to be nomads who were still setting up their camp. Aside from the natural beauty, we were generously welcomed in to the yurt by a young woman, and her sister-in-law. We were given yak butter milk tea, and offered all sorts of snacks.

This was an unforgettable experience, and one of the highlights of our roadtrip.


8 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. That looks an amazing place and well captured in your photo. I can’t decide which one I like best. I like a bit of space round the camp and feel it is too near the bottom of the frame in the cropped photo, however the cropped photo really shows off the mountain. Maybe something in between would be best?


  2. Wow, breathtaking! I’d love to visit that region of the world someday. The satellite dish cracks me up. The two photos show different stories – the wider angle one shows the setting, the cropped one the details. Perhaps if the cropped one was a vertical, you could get in closer with the mountain and yurt and still have room at the bottom.


    1. A solar panel and a satellite dish! Which is carried with them everywhere they go – they travel great distances every year with their cattle and sheep herds (not pictured because they were high in the mountains grazing).


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