Fun or Funny? Not!

How do you feel about good grammar? As bloggers, we use our thoughts, ideas, and creativity to express ourselves in words (or pictures), on our blogs. Do you think that grammar is it not that important in your daily life? Does it irk you when people use “your” rather than “you’re”, as in “Your looking good today!” which should in fact be “You’re looking good today!”

I must confess, the use of the English word “fun” bothers me.  Yes, it does.  Not that I do not like fun. Of course I do! Who doesn’t like a little fun?  However, I’ve unfortunately heard and seen, on countless forums, blogs, and even in the media – the use of  the word “fun” used incorrectly.  It irks me.

I know that if you wanted to, you could really knit pick and find many errors on my blog – I know that I’m not perfect. However, to me, using English grammar correctly is just …. well, nicer.

Yes, I’m well aware of the saying ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ I do not claim to be a grammar expert, by any means.  It just bothers me when I see or hear lazy grammar or word usage being tossed around with a disregard for the language.

When I hear someone say “His blog was really fun!” – I cringe.

I found a helpful diagram on


How do you feel about grammar in general?  Leave a (fun funny) comment:

(Taken from Daily Prompt – Dictionary, Shmictionary)


8 thoughts on “Fun or Funny? Not!

  1. Haha.. I did feel the same way, though I knew I did worse grammar. English isn’t my native language. It’s fun to read this post, because I can learn the culture of what the natives used to use in their talks/writings.

    ***Please correct my grammar if anything looks wrong, I will appreciate it 😉


  2. I personally don’t mind grammatical errors and such as long as I can understand the intent of the author’s words. To me, blogging is about having fun. If I have to watch what I say or how I phrase things to be mindful of grammar, how fun is that? I understand your frustrations however, let’s not take all the fun out of funny.

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  3. Everyone has their grammar/punctuation pet peeves, things that set their teeth on edge, but as a grammar idiot myself, I can’t ever point the finger at someone else. It drives me crazy that I can’t go back and edit my comments on other people’s blogs after hitting that post button. For some reason, typos don’t stand out to me, though I always do a re-read before hitting the ‘post’ button, a lot slip through.

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  4. I wonder why the comment, “His blog is really fun.” bothers you? I think bloggers are mostly writing “the way they talk.” And talking grammatrically correct sounds sorta strange. I know that those that English is not their first language have more difficulties and I overlook that. I like to think we are here to have fun and not be afraid of our grammar. Unless we are in a writing class.

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  5. Hi Joy, thanks for commenting. I have no problem with non-native English speakers making mistakes when they speak English. I personally applaud them for learning another language other than their own! However, it seems that nowadays native English speakers couldn’t really be bothered with speaking or writing correctly. They over-use (in my opinion) slang, and are careless with their grammar usage. hahaha! I know, I know, I’m a stickler for good grammar!


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