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What’s been baking in my oven today?

It’s a mystery.


Mystery in the oven
Mystery in the oven

13 thoughts on “What’s been baking in my oven today?

  1. I am curious about your choice of eating gluten free. I saw an episode of Dr. Oz (or he was guesting on another show) talking about eating GF, and he said there is no health benefit to eating GF if you do not have a gluten allergy. I actually only paid attention to it because my autistic son, and the link there appears to be to gluten (and caisen). So, is your gluten free choice because of an allergy or other intolerance, or some other health reason?


    1. Hi RoLaAus, thanks for your comment.
      I do not eat gluten free food because of a ‘fad’ diet. Over fifteen years ago, I was suffering from severe health problems, and went to doctor after doctor. I was misdiagnosed with IBS, and a few other diseases. I was fortunately told about a Naturopath, and after seeing him, was diagnosed with many food allergies, and gluten was at the top of the list. Living a gluten free life is certainly challenging, and yes, there are also other health complications that arise from it. My body does not get enough nutrients on a daily basis, and so, I do take some supplements, but prefer not to go overboard. That is also why I appreciate the benefits that vegetables have on our digestive systems. I have heard, and also read, that eliminating gluten from the diet of autistic and ADHD children is beneficial. I’m not a health expert, so can only comment on what I’ve heard. I personally feel that eating healthily, exercising and eliminating what you know is not good for your body is a personal choice – I choose to do it. I hope that I’ve answered your question.


      1. Yes, indeed you did answer, and it appears it is a non-autistic related allergy. I was also tested for Celiac disease (which is a form of gluten intolerance) not only because of my son’s condition, but because I have had terrible headaches, that are not migraines, even as far back in my chidhood as I can remember. Celiac came back as negative, but I believe from further reseach that it is not the same as a gluten allergy, so I should be taking a different allergy test, because I do still get tthe headaches.

        I am curious, because of the known link between gluten and autism, have you ever tought (or been diagnosed with) ADD/ADHD or felt yourr emotions get out of check? I hope this isn’t too personal of a question, if so, just say so, but these are symptoms that are being assoicated wtih gluten and with autism, but before we jump to anything, what I am talking about is mild forms of the same symptoms. I don’t know if you have heard of Asperger’s but it is described as social anxiety (which describes my childhood to a tee :–), but anyways, all I mean is that these symptoms have different scales and when they get to a certain degree they call it Asperbergers, and whenit gets worse then that, it’s called autism, and the most recent reseach is saying that ADD/ADHD might also be on the lower end of the same scale,, so I am asking purely out of curiousity, but I could see where gluten intolerance may not exhibit these traits too, so I am just wondering?


      2. Thank you for your discussion. That is what my blog is for – to discuss and share information. I did not have an endoscopy, so whether it is a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, I’m uncertain. I do know that if I do ever, unknowingly consume anything that contains even a small trace of gluten, I am badly affected. Thankfully, I have not tested positive for any other conditions. I hope that your health will improve.


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