Nature’s beauty

I’m so enjoying the Photography101 challenges.  I’ve always loved taking photos, and often get told off for taking too many (seriously, can you ever have too many photos?!)  I was privileged to be able to experience Mother Nature’s beauty all around me, from Litang –  one of the highest towns in the world,  to the third lowest exposed elevation on the Earth’s land surface – Turpan Pendi.

Although I’m still an inexperienced photographer (yes, even after taking sooo many photos!) when Mother Nature has such bountiful beauty on display, for even an amateur like me, no skills are necessary to capture her beauty. I was in awe of the beautiful, extremely expensive cameras other travellers and tourists were carting around – with zoom lens longer than my arms, and all the flashy equipment needed to capture that ‘award-winning shot’. Sadly, all I had was my cheapie Canon, but still, I did try to use my creativity, and my camera’s limited functions, to try and capture some good shots.

Here is my shot of a Birch paper tree, in the beautiful Sichuan province.

Paper tree
Paper tree



I took a photo of one of the branches.  As suggested by Michelle W, I cropped the picture and then added focal zoom. I’m not sure that this is what Michelle had in mind? Anyway, I tried it out.



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