Ask those who know me, and they’ll tell you that I am terrible at giving directions. Yes, I do admit it! If you are lost, and ask me for directions,  I will honestly try to help you, but whether or not you actually get to the place you’re looking for, well, that’s rather hit or miss, I’m afraid.


Now, landmarks. That’s another story.  If you ask me for landmarks, I’ll gladly help you out, and you’ll know exactly where to go (give or take!).

Whilst travelling around for almost a year, even with the ‘help’ (I use that term very loosely), of the GPS, we still managed to get horribly lost.  We even almost drove into a river – but that’s a story for my book (a work in progress).


Matryoshka doll
30 metre Matryoshka doll

Tao Wa Square in Manzhouli (on the border between Russia, Mongolia and China), is really an unique experience.  There are approximately two hundred nesting dolls and eggs in this park.  Each one is hand painted. The dolls have famous people painted on them, amongst others, Walt Disney (as seen in my photo above), world leaders, such as the late Nelson Mandela, and even one depicting Jesus.

The largest doll, is actually a restaurant. Apparently it doesn’t open in the winter.




5 thoughts on “Landmarks

    1. Thanks for your comment. I love the Matryoshka dolls, and seeing one that huge was a bonus! If you like snow and freezing weather, then visit in the winter. If you don’t then I strongly recommend going there in the summer!

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