Good Food

Efficient, Effective Kitchen?

Since starting the daily blogging challenges, I find that I don’t have all that much time in my kitchen to whip up creatively wonderful (in my humble opinion, of course!) tasting meals. It takes time to design, set up, take photos, and of course, then clean up.

I’m trying to find ways to be more effective AND efficient in my kitchen. Do you have any tips to share?

These are some that I already follow:

1) Keep a scrap bag (or bowl) near your workspace – fill it, then throw away when you’re finished cooking.

2) Take out all the ingredient you need prior to starting, so that you don’t have to rush around looking for them whilst cooking or baking.

3) If I’m using my oven, I will make more than one dish at a time, to save on electricity, and also make good use of my oven.

4) When cutting up vegetables, often I will cut two or three at a time. For example – potatoes or carrots

5) If I know that I’m going to make a particular recipe for my blog, I think about it ahead of time, and try to imagine which setting will work best for photos, and set it up beforehand to try it out. This works well in theory!

I’d love to hear about your time saving tips.  Go ahead and leave a comment:


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