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Life-giving source

The most important life-giving source. Without it, we would die. Water. It is all around us – in the first glass of water that you drink upon waking; in the first cup of coffee that gets you going; out of the tap you open without a thought in the morning, to wash, to brush your teeth; in the food that you prepare for each meal; in the bottle that you carry with you to gym. We rely on it daily –  to wash clothes, to bathe, for cooking and drinking.

What if there were water all around you, but it were undrinkable? Beautiful to look at. Fun to play in. Fish swimming in it. A natural beauty. Pretty to look at, but not drinkable.


Although Qing Hai lake is beautiful, and is a major tourist destination, it is not possible to consume as a daily necessity.


These shots were taken with my Canon, on ‘Auto’. I did try other settings, but auto seemed to give the best results. It was a very windy, cold and miserable day. I think that show through well with these shots.

I took two shots. One portrait. The other landscape.  I usually only take landscape shots, because I like the openness of the shots.






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